School Staff correct for 2018-19

This is the current list of staff (at August 2018) and staffing may change over the course of the year. Should this happen then parents will be informed of any changes.

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher

 Miss Gill Graham

Depute Head Teachers

Miss Ailsa Johnstone      Mr Keith Allardyce (Acting)

Senior Early Years Practitioner (Nursery)

Mrs Sharon Wilson

Teaching StaffMr J. Addison (Tues/Wed)

Mrs V. Banks

Miss F. Casey

Miss H.Forbes

Miss L. Grant (Mon – Wed am/Fri)

Miss A. Gunn

Miss L. Kidd

Miss J. Marshall (Wed-Fri)

Mr P. Murray

Miss S. Reid (maternity)

Mr S. Thomson

Miss R. Weir

Miss K. Young (Wed/Thurs)



Mr M. Davidson – Music Teacher

Mr A. Walker – PE Teacher



Early Learning and Childcare Centre

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Mrs S. Wilson

Early Years Practitioners

Mrs S. Allardyce

Miss L. Buchan

Mrs D. Craigen

Miss E. Duncan

Mrs F. Forest

Miss S. Masson

Mrs F. McGeachie

Mrs G. Pithe

Mr C. Sim

Mrs I. West

Mrs J Ross and Miss T Spence (EYPs in training)

Office Staff
Mrs P. Wilson (Administrator)

Mrs E. Sey (School Support)


Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs F. Bygate              Mrs E. Calder

Miss J. Caroll               Mrs S. Clarke

Mrs L. Clayton              Mrs K Forbes

Mrs B. Gaal                  Miss S. Harris

Mrs Y. Lindie              Mrs S. McCann

Mrs S. Rutherford        Mrs J. Taylor

Mrs M. Thomson          Mrs S. Pirie

School Health Team

Dr Hamed  (School Doctor)

Ann Kelly (Educational Psychologist)

Mrs G. McLeod  (School Nurse)

Family Learning Support Worker

Louise McIvor


Active Schools Co-Ordinator

Holly Dawson


Colin Mitchell

Cleaning Staff

Elma Stirton

Lynette Bartlett

Yvonne Muirson

Dining Room Staff

Pamela Smith

May Falconer

April Elabyed

Kay Niven

Anna Kuzmicz