Session 2017/18

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher – Miss Gill Graham (Acting)

Depute Head Teachers – Mrs Ingrid Stanyer and Miss Ailsa Johnstone (Acting)

Senior Early Years Practitioner (Early Learning Childcare Centre – Nursery)

Mrs Sharon Wilson

Principal Teacher – Pupil Support

Mr Keith Allardyce (secondment to Manor Park)

Principal Teachers – School Improvement

Mrs Leanne Duncan (Acting)

Miss Sam Reid (Acting)



Administration Team

Mrs Wilson and  Mrs Sey


Early Learning Childcare Centre Staff

Senior Early Years Practitioner- Mrs Sharon Wilson

Early Years Practitioners  –

Mrs S. Allardyce, Miss L. Buchan, Miss I Lambert,  Miss S.Masson, Mrs G. Pithie, Mr C Sim and Miss R Wyllie

Teaching Staff

Miss E. Hawthorn, Miss A. Gunn,  Miss F. Casey, Miss L. Kidd, Mrs L. Duncan/Miss S. Reid, Miss L. Grant, Miss J. Marshall,Mr P.Murray,  Miss K. Young,  Mrs V. Banks, , Mr W. Burnside and Miss R. Weir.

P.E- Mr A. Walker

Music- Mr M. Davidson

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs S. Clarke, Mrs T. Merchant, Mrs S. McCann, Mrs S.Pirie, Mrs E. Calder, Mrs M. Thomson, Mrs S. Harris, Miss T. Spence, Mrs L. Clayton, Miss K. Forbes, Mrs M. Robertson, Mrs J. Taylor, Mrs Y. Lindie, Mrs B. Gaal, Miss J. McIntosh, Miss J. Carolle and Mrs F. Bygate

School Support Team

Dr Hamed (School Doctor), Mrs G McLeod (School Nurse), Ms S McQuade (Educational Psychologist), Mrs G Stuart (Family Learning Worker)

Facilities Team:

Mr C Mitchell (Janitor)

Cleaning Team:  Lynette Bartlett, Rona Morrison, Yvonne Muirson and Elma Stirton

Dinner Staff

Cook in Charge – Pamela Smith

Cook – Elma Stirton

Dinner Ladies

April, Kay, Anna, Laura and May