School Aims

We are proud to be able to display our Manor Park Aims.


Our aim is to be a safe and happy school.  We help each other to gain confidence and to respect ourselves, each other and our learning

Lifelong Learning

We have a balanced, exciting and active curriculum which encourages all of us to work hard both on our own and as a team to develop the skills and attitudes we need for life.


We work together to have positive attitudes towards our health, our environment and those around us.  We are fair and treat everyone with respect

Working Together

We have an open school with partnerships between staff, pupils, parents, carers and the wider community.  We work together to develop good relationships.

The aims were put together using all of the fantastic ideas we got from parents, staff and the wider school community.

Thank you very much for your support!

How we decided on our School Aims

In the session 2010-2011 the pupils, parents and staff prepared to move from the site on  Clarke Street to the brand new site at Danestone Circle.

We held a competition for pupils to design a new school logo and everyone voted on their favourite logo and school jumper colour.

Pupils, parents and staff were consulted on their expectations for a new school through coffee mornings, workshops and questionnaires.

We gathered all the information together and filtered it to come up with the main themes for Manor Park.

From these main themes we camSchool Badgee up with our Manor Park Aims.