School Aims

We are proud to be able to display our Manor Park Aims.


Our School Values and Aims have been created, as a whole school community over last session, and reflect our journey, context and the relevance for our wider community.

Aspiration (for Learning, Work and Life)

We aim to have aspirational pupils who are able to contribute, as active citizens, to the community of now and the future.

appleSafe & Healthy

We aim to give our pupils the knowledge and skills to make informed choices, which ensure that they, and other members of the community, are safe and healthy.


We aim to create a community based on mutual respect, through the development of strong relationships, which understands and appreciates what every member brings to our school.


We aim to ensure our learners have the experiences and skills to build resilience and confidence in learning, work and life and are able to overcome barriers to learning and achievement.

Thank you very much for your support!


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