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Last Week and its a busy one!

I cannot believe I am writing about the last week of 2017 – let’s make it a good one Manor Park!

Monday 18th:

  • Christmas Lunch – just normal arrangements to have lunch. Bring money to school.
  • P1 Party (Come as you please all day) and we are hoping we will have a very special visitor at 2.30pm. Parents are welcome to join us but fear no the P1 team will have the camera ready too if you can’t.

Tuesday 19th:

  • P2 and P3 Choir members to Hameworth Lodge to sing for the residents. Parents are welcome to join us to walk up to the lodge and see the choir perform. We will be leaving school at 12.15pm so see you at school around that time if you are joining us.
  • P4 and P5 Party (Come as you please all day).

Wednesday 20th:

  • Nursery parties with a special visitor coming to both sessions.
  • P2 and P3 Parties (Come as you please all day). A special visitor will be visiting the P2 pupils (including those from Miss Kidd’s class) in Miss Casey’s classroom at around 2.30pm.
  • House Reward for the winning house…Christmas Movie and Hot Chocolate in the morning.

Thursday 21st:

  • Church Service at Middlefield Church, 9.30am (all parents welcome)
  • P6 and P7 Party (come as you please all day

Friday 22nd: Last Day of term until Monday 8th January

Come as you please day and enjoy the celebrations in school. 3pm finish for all pupils.

A busy week, but a good one have a wonderful Christmas and a good start to 2018!


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