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Scottish Opera at Manor Park

Move over, Pavarotti! Last week Manor Park welcomed Scottish Opera, who helped us to put our own opera, called ‘Fever!’. It was a story about a very sick boy who manages to get well, but only after a real fight against the disease, and with the help of all the medical staff in the hospital. On the way we learned about good bacteria, bad bacteria and the immune system. After weeks of practising the songs, the P6s and P7s had just one day to learn and rehearse the performance to put on before the whole school. It didn’t seem possible, but, with the help of three superb opera singers, some brilliant costumes and loads of enthusiasm they did it! DSC02602  DSC02591DSC02634 DSC02639 DSC02642


One thought on “Scottish Opera at Manor Park

  • Miss McCartney

    It was a fantastic performance. I was proud of you all.


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