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Primary 2’s Learning Leaflet

Primary P2M Learning leaflet

Term 3 – Miss Massie, Miss Grant & Mrs Ross

We are already extremely busy and are already enjoying an exciting term 3.



Our topic this term has been Night and Day. The children’s ideas and questions have informed the areas of Night and Day that they wished to explore. We have already looked at the differences between nocturnal and diurnal animals and how to stay safe morning and night we even made our own jingle and recorded it on a Talking Tin. They have been working extremely hard on exploring facts about the sun and the moon and creating fabulous fact posters. We are now going on to look at what plants need to grow and stay healthy and what makes a shadow.




This term the Squares will be continue to learn about numbers to 100 with a focus on counting on in 2’s and 3’s and odd and even numbers. The Triangles will be working on learning about multiplication and division with a focus on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, and the Circles are working on addition and subtraction within ten. On Tuesdays Mrs. Ross will be teaching practical mathematics with a focus on measure.



Reading& Literacy

Linked to our topic we have been reading as our class novel The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark, this has been the focus for our writing activity on a Wednesday; we have already made a good start by looking at letter writing and creative writing.

Guided reading will continue to be done weekly in class.This approach allows each child’s comprehension to be extended through a variety of written exercises and discussions linked to their book and we are continuing to read with more expression and fluency.

We are continuing to learn about alternative vowel sounds. We will be working individually and in pairs to say, make/break, blend, read and write words using a variety of active literacy techniques.




As part of our topic we will be looking at how light is used for celebration in both Scotland and other cultures around the world.




Homework will be issued on a Monday and will be due back on the Friday unless otherwise specified. Weekly homework will generally consist of spelling words and associated activity, maths activity, reading book and a topic linked activity.




  • Please ensure that a full P.E. kit is provided. P.E. takes place on a Wednesday and a Thursday.
  • Please ensure all your children’s school clothes are labelled. We have had several incidents where items have not been labelled and lost as a result.
  • Please remind your child to bring their green bag to school every day.

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