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Primary 7 Learning leaflet

Primary 7 Learning Leaflet


Information for Parents

Term 3 January – April 2015



This term we will continue to have setting for Maths where the class will be split between Miss Johnstone, Miss Robertson, Mr Addison and Ms Young to ensure each child is working to their full potential.

Miss Johnstone’s group will be working on data handling. The children will be working out the mean, median, mode and range of various data. They will also be carrying out surveys and exploring different ways to display their results. On a Friday we will be covering shape and measure, looking at the properties of different shapes and volume, weight and length.


Primary 7 will continue to do reading twice a week on a Monday and Thursday. Each child should ensure they have their reading book and reading record with them on these days. We will be using our books to build on our comprehension skills.

For writing this term we will be looking at writing reports. Children will be investigating different report styles and researching in order to write their own reports.

The class has been very interested in Anne Frank’s diary so this term we will continue to look at this through our WW2 topic. We will be writing our own diaries and using our imaginative writing skills to write a diary of an evacuee.

Health and Wellbeing

P.E will continue to be on a Tuesday and Thursday so children should ensure they have appropriate kit on these days. On a Thursday we will be going up to Northfield Academy for P.E but getting changed here first so could the children please bring tracksuit type clothes to go over their normal kit.

We will also be starting Living and Growing this term where we will be covering girl talk, boy talk and let’s talk about sex.



Our topic this term is World War 2. We will be covering the outbreak of war, the blitz, evacuation, rationing, the home front and the war abroad then looking at the end of the war and the effect it had on the world. The children will experience exciting learning during the topic and cover many curricular areas including, art, science, R.M.E, literacy and numeracy.


Other News 

Miss Conboy will be back with us working closely with primary 7, taking various lessons throughout the 4 weeks building up to taking on continuous responsibility for 10 days.


Homework will continue to be given out on a Monday and should be brought back on a Friday.


Mr Addison will continue to take the children on a Tuesday afternoon for French and P.E.


We have a visit up to Northfield academy planned in February which you will get a group call about nearer the time. This will have a business studies focus.


We also have 2 visitors this term, one for a maths workshop and one from Mr Fraser who provides a 2 day workshop on World War 2.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at Manor Park School, I am happy to help.


Miss Johnstone

Class Teacher

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