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P4P learnt all about Titanic last term. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots of amazing facts. The children did a fantastic job creating the Titanic on our wall in the classroom. The children loved learning about the passengers on the Titanic and their lifestyle. The most favourite activity throughout the whole topic had to be the drama lesson where we ‘hot seated’ Captain Smith. Children had to work with a partner to think of three questions they would like to ask Captain Smith if they were given the opportunity to meet him. Selected children then had to act as Captain Smith, answering the children’s questions. P4P did a brilliant job with this, using the knowledge they had learnt and their imagination to answer the questions. We have finished this topic now and children will be finding out their new topic for this term later on this week!

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  • Leah Reynolds

    Loved this topic thanks Miss Pryde.


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