Social Snack

Guidelines for Parents, Pupils and Staff

Manor Park School is an Excellent Health Promoting School and as always we promote healthy eating. Therefore we are continuing with our Healthy Social Snack project. The project was originally set up after the healthy hero group had spoken with parents and pupils and we decided to make the following guidelines:


Pupils will be asked to bring a healthy item for break every day.  To encourage the idea of choice and  everything in moderation , every Monday and Friday will be free choice days where pupils may choose how healthy their snack is. On free choice days the tuck shop will also sell pancakes and on other days it will sell only healthy items.


Each pupil will be given a sticker on a class chart if they choose to eat a healthy snack from the list below. If pupils don t bring a healthy snack on healthy days then their teacher will remind them to bring a healthy snack.

The Winning Class

The class with the most amount of stickers, at the end of the week, will receive a class reward.


These guidelines on playtime snack are subject to exceptions, where the pupil in question has special dietary requirements or has additional support needs in connection with diet. In this case the parent/guardians should indicate such requirements to the management team.

Social Snack

Each class will stop and gather together at 10.30am everyday to enjoy their healthy social snack together. This will provide a meaningful social time for pupils to spend together and will also contribute to a clean and tidy playground. Each teacher may choose whether pupils take part in a social or health related activity during this time. Examples may include looking at news web sites, discussing health issues, news time or just discussing the snacks taken in by children. At 10.40am pupils should go outside so that they can fully enjoy their 15 minute break and get maximum exercise during this time.

List of Healthy Snack Choices

  • Healthy Snacks



    Acceptable on  Free Choice Days



    Unacceptable at all times







    Plain Water


    Pure fruit juice


    Fruit or plain yoghurt





    One food item and/or one


    drink item from the list


    All healthy snacks


    1 small packet of sweets


    1 small chocolate sweet


    1 small packet of crisps


    1 small cheese item


    1 small bakery item


    1 fruity drink


    � 1 small milkshake



    Energy drinks


    Fizzy drinks


    Cans of juice


    Large packets of sweets, chocolate or crisps


    Bubblegum, chewing gum or gobstoppers�




    Liquid sugar drinks



Tuck Shop Prices

  • Tomatoes – 20p
  • Melon – 20p
  • Grapes – 20p
  • Kiwis – 20p
  • Plums – 20p
  • Pears – 25p
  • Bananas – 25p
  • Apples – 25p
  • Water – 20p
  • Fruit Juice – 30p
  • Milk – 25p
  • Tangerines 25p