Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors

At Manor Park we are accredited with a silver award for our work as an Eco school.  We are currently working towards our first Green flag.  Our Eco committee consists of children from P2-P7 whose job it is to ensure we are working together to keep our school as Eco friendly as possible.  Our key aims this term are:

  • to promote zero-litter ethos around our school and community,
  • to develop our allotment and school grounds to encourage biodiversity
  • to continue to keep waste to a minimum by recycling paper/card, bottles, clothes/materials , ink cartridges, mobile phones and food waste.

The Manor Park Eco warriors are always looking for people who can help address environmental issues in our community.  If you would like to help with our allotment or be a part of the Eco warriors, please contact the school on 01224 812060.

Last year’s P4 were learning about Recycling, Reducing and Reusing. We have combined their Eco Friendly acrostic poems to create Manor Parks Eco Moto.

Eco Motto

M is for Manor Park Eco School

A is for our Amazing Allotment

N is for no running water or lights left on

O is for our caring attitude

R is for riding our bikes to be healthy


P is for protecting by not dropping litter

A is for apples and bananas

R is for reducing, reusing and recycling

K is for kids that save the world.